Bursa Çınarcık Dam Construction

Çınarcık Dam is being built on 210 meter - valley elevation with 400.000 m3 water storage capacity, over Orhaneli tributary of the creek of Mustafa Kemalpaşa at 55 km's southwest from Bursa downtown. Other than its primary objective of generating energy and partially flood protection, it is a multi-purpose project which shall provide fresh and use water to the city of Bursa starting from years 2020's. 


Type Rock Filling
Talveg Level 210 m
Base Level 208 m
Cret Level 333 m
Cret Length 319 m
Cret Width 12 m
Height From the Base 125 m
Body Volume 5.7 hm3
Max. Water Level 330 m
Min. Water Level 305 m
Min. Lake Level 186 hm3
Aktive Volume 187 hm3
Total Lake Volume 373 hm3
Source Seawall Level 242 m
Source Seawall Width 10 m
Downstream Seawall Level 215 m
Downstream Seawall Width 7 m
Derivation Tunnel  
Place Right Bank
Type 2 Pieces Concrete Plated, cylinder cutaway
Inner Diameter 6.00 m
Length 565.00 m
Inlet Level 213.00 m
Outlet Level  208.76 m
Decharge Capacity 829.5 m3/s
Energy (Power) Tunnel  
Length 11 km
Inner Diameter 6.00 m
Type Concrete Plated
Complated Part 500 m
Coser Shaft 7 meters diameter, 68 meters deep
Access Shaft 13 meters diameter, 13 meters deep